Best of Scotch

Written by Scott

Best of Scotch

Thursday November 17th @ 6pm, Friday November 18th @ 6:30pm

$50 per person

Best of Scotch is finally here.

We pride ourselves on keeping our tastings fresh and full of new and interesting products....

Until now that is.

We've read our notes and checked the statistics, then double checked them and put together a list of the best scotches from all our previous tastings.

The criteria was simple: did we think they were great? Did the people in attendance concur? And of course, how popular was it in post tasting sales? This is simply put, the best of the best of the best.

So if you've never attended a scotch tasting at Vintage and were curious as to what they're all about, this could be the perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of great single malts.

Or maybe you've attended a few tastings, but wondered how your favorites stacked up against the rest?

Or maybe, just maybe you've attended every scotch tasting we've ever put on. You've tasted them all and have your own opinions on all things whisky. But have you ever had the opportunity to sample the best all together and come up with one Grand Champion to rule all scotch?? Probably not.

This should be a doozy of a tasting, so you definitely do not want to miss this one.

And as always, I must remind you that we have limited seating available for our tastings, so the first 20 people to sign up and prepay will be guaranteed seats.

Within 7 days of the tasting, tickets are non-refundable, but fully transferable. If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to sell your seats for you. If we are able to sell them, then we can refund you your entrance fee.

Either drop by the store or call 780-830-2334 with a credit card to sign up.